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PL:Witold The Game to fanowska produkcja opowiadająca historie widziana oczami głównego bohatera Witolda (Gucio).Ignorowanie niektórych fanów oraz banowanie bez powodu,nie zawsze wychodzi bez konsekwencji.Witold w owej grze się o tym przekona przechodząc piekło przygotowane dla niego przez jego byłego fana.

W grze również znajdują się różne Easter Eggi, nawiązujące do różnych rzeczy.

Gra posiada aspekty horroru jak i również prostych łamigłówek.Łączny czas gry na obecny czas zajmuje 30 min, choć może się to przedłużyć do 2 godzin przy niektórych zagadkach.

Gra była testowana wiele razy aby wyeliminować jak najwięcej błędów oraz pozmieniać rzeczy które by nie pasowały.

Pełną wersje gry udostępnie w momencie ukończenia dubbingu do niej robionej.

Na tą chwile przygotowałem krótkie demo

Sterowanie W A S D , c- kucanie, PPM-podnoszenie przedmiotów

ENG:Witold The Game is a fan-made production seen through the eyes of the main character Witold (Gucio).Ignoring some fans and banning without a reason, it does not always come  without consequences.Witold in this game is convinced by going through a hell prepared for him by his former fan.

The Game also includes various Easter Eggs, referring to different things.

The Game has aspects of horror, and simple puzzles.The total time of the game for the currect state is 30 minutes, although it may extend up to 2 hours with some puzzles.

The Game has been tested many times to eliminate as many mistakes as possible and to replace things that would not fit.

Full Game might be available when the dubbing is done

At this moment i have prepared short DEMO

Controls:W A S D, c-crouch, right mouse button-raising items

Install instructions

Extract and play 


Witold The Game DEMO


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Hello! Pretty cool demo you have here, I enjoyed the puzzles and the overall ambience with the music was nice! Keep up the good work! Have you considered participation in our GDWC #gamedev contest? check out our itch.io page for more infos ;) 


hi, the game was ok.. it had nice atmosphere, but pretty poor scaring.. it was just loud and hurt ear instead of scaring. puzzle was good, but scaring scene werent that good.. way to cheap.. maybe better to give some creepy fade in scaring instead, just my thought, sounds harsh sorry but i cant lie. but i enjoyed the atmosphere!  my play time was around 5 mins if u wanted to know for future support. if i lack of info just ask me more about this, i forget to tell important stuff sometime. i wish u good luck in future!

After reading your comment, I decided to remove these cheap methods of scaring and focus on the atmosphere, and I want to remind you that it was just a demo. Demo available for now has 4 out of 50 levels prepared by me in the full version of the game. :) Also the full game is not focusing in only scaring you.The main goal in creating this game was not to create only a horror like Amnesia or Penumbra,I should also point out that horror is not the only tag in the full game.


ah ok, i was confused on demo or pre alpha, was both then xD yeah i know it wasnt full game. just the scaring part was abit annoying and i was worring about it would break atmosphere. didnt critism about play length, i just wanted to give you idea of how long it took me to finish the demo so that can help u out. 50 level wow! that sounds great, ill come by later and play again :) i wish u my best!

The game has been updated by removing these cheap jumpscares :)